Caribbean Christmas&New Year Cruise to the Grenadines 21.12 2024 – 3.1 2025

14 days — 2700€/pp

How about Christmas and New Year in the Grenadines? Join us for a special cruise during Christmas holidays. Our aim is to get a piece of this tropical paradise in our chill out way.

This time of year the Caribbean usually experience “Christmas Winds”, a strong trade blowing in from the Atlantic. Sailing is usually good as long a you remember to reef down. The idea is to create a relaxed feeling on the boat allowing people to pace down and enjoy Caribbean time, whether it’s on the beach, snorkeling or checking out the sights.

We start and end the trip on St Lucia. It might be an idea to arrive early and have a look at this lush island. St Lucia has several places to visit and we can help you out with tours and creating a program.

As soon as we can we slip lines and sail south to St Vincent & Grenadines, our cruising ground for this trip.

Places we are likely to visit are St Lucia, Bequia, Mustique, Tobago Cays, Chatham Bay to mention a few. It has long been a tradition among boats to celebrate New Year on Bequia and our intention is to join other merry sailors at a traditional party at Frangipani Hotel or some of the other waterfront restaurants.

Breakfast at Frangipani Hotel next to the anchorage
Frangipani Hotel next to the anchorage

Another place that’s been in our sailing itinerary is a visit to the island of Mustique and the legendary Basil’s Bar. The interior of the bar has had a brush up, with a new decor designed by Jeff Koons. This place is totally unique and sticks out from most we have seen when it comes to water holes around the world.  The crystal clear water is a total delight and you can see plenty of turtles swimming around.

Basil’s bar stands partly on stilts
Masks on the wall in Basil’s Bar
Mustique gingerbread style house
Local shop, Mustique











Another “must” is a trip to Tobago Cays. This place has some of the biggest reefs in the world. The Great Horse Shoe reef, just a dinghy drive away offers great snorkling. There is also a small turtle sanctuary where you can get really close to them. They like to hang around and graze seaweed and are relatively used to visitors.

Tobago Cays offer fantastic snorkeling

Not far away from the anchorage is the small island of Petit Tabac, better known from one of the scenes in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp, marooned with Keira Knightley, handing out some of his one liners welcoming her to the Caribbean with a bottle of rum in his hand. Maybe we can stage an re-enactment of the scene this year?


Please check out availability, if you are an early bird there might also be a whole boat option.

Price includes:

  • Boat (Swan 51)
  • Skipper
  • Mooring costs
  • Immigration and cruising permits
  • Breakfast everyday
  • Food and beverages when sailing
  • Bedding
  • Personal safety equipment (life vests etc)
  • Boat insurance
  • Fuel and gas
  • No deposit

Not included:

Trips to and from St Lucia + personal travel insurance and what each spends ashore



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