Welcome to our new homepage

Sebastian 10 Apr , 2018 0 Comments Blog

Welcome to our new homepage! We finally got our thumbs out of our behinds and created a 2018 edition to replace our old page. It’s also the beginning for some new stuff we put out, as the SOC Sailing Academy and a return to doing deliveries. The yacht management bit is something we don’t really have at these latitudes since boats are generally smaller and boat owners like to work on them themselves .. still that is also changing and we can clearly see a demand for logistical help in the care taking of bigger craft.

This season offers a nice mish-mash of events along the south – coast of Finland, all hand picked and there for a reason. Try Suursaari Race for an offshore race with spectacular views over the beautiful island of Suursaari (Hogland) or maybe a fun regatta as Hanko Regatta with lots of onshore fun. It’s just a long cavalcade of fun events dotted along the season, just pick the one that suits your vacation plans, drop us a note and you are ready for some serious fun!

After all years abroad we had forgotten how much fun it is to sail in the north and what a beautiful summer season we have!

Whatever your reasons to visit us, we are happy to be at your disposal and if nothing more you are most welcome to send us your greetings, it’s alway nice to hear from old friends we met along the way and as a token to old memories we let out this video ( above ) that was originally created by Alexander Beck who sailed on the 2012 ARC and later visited us in Finland. You can read about both trips in his blog.

Fair winds and hope to see you in the summer!