Just another Atlantic Round Trip?

Sebastian 23 Mar , 2023 0 Comments Blog

After abandoning the idea of doing the OGR in 2023 and postponing it to the next edition, we decided to give another Atlantic Round Trip a go in 2023-2024. The setup is pretty much the same as before, starting in Helsinki and slowly making our way south to Portugal and The Canaries before the weather turns nasty in the autumn. The crossing will be done under the orderly ARC and the Caribbean season has a nice mix of cruising and racing. The way back takes us to our new summer home port in Lagos, Portugal. This all sounds very familiar and nothing new for us?

The few lines of text you just red contains almost a year of events, people, about 12 000 miles and some really cool (and sometimes frightening) adventures. Looking at some of our old charts for the North Atlantic, eyeing through old waypoints and marks, reveal an interesting picture how different it can be every time you go out there and face the ocean. Especially the West to East crossing can present some really different weather and one trip took us closer to Nova Scotia, us almost missing the Azores on our way back from the Caribbean to Europe. The difference to a straight line from A to B was over 800 miles. Some years have been hot and calm, some windy and cold. The crew is always different. They always create a feeling of their own. It’s never the same. It has been fantastic to learn how they work and what makes them click.

It’s never the same old “Atlantic Round Trip”. As an experience it’s always different because of all the reasons.

For our part we are evolving the whole time. The boat gets better equipped, we get more experienced and our understanding and awareness of the Ocean improves every time we do it. It’s a fascinating process and we are thrilled to do one more Round Trip in 2023 – 2024.

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