Reverse, re-package, re-launch

Sebastian 06 Oct , 2020 0 Comments Blog

Whe people make plans, gods laugh, they say.

The total makeover for many a plan, concerning travel, has forced us to postpone our Atlantic Roundtrip with a year. Luckily the damage came to a minimum with most crew understanding the causes and reasoning.

In the end it was an easy decision, just going through all the fuss travel under Coronarestrictions would have been a nightmare and with numbers rising (October 2020) the whole plan was destined to fail.


We have already built up a new program that is very similar with only minor changes in schedule and program. The whole thing is starting 2021 in autumn with a nice sail down to the Canaries. There is still some places left, don’t hesitate to grab one well in advance and get the privilege to pick your bunk and feel the pre-travel thrill.

For those who have an aching racing urge, please contact us for some tailor made trips to the Caribbean Racing scene.