Transatlantic crossing Horta, Azores to Cherbourg 2024

28.5 - 13.6 2024 — 2400€

This is the second leg of our transatlantic crossing East to West. It has it’s own special features when getting into more northern latitudes. The trick is to leave Horta and go after a passing low pressure and try not to get hit by the next one coming behind you. Low’s tend to be cyclic and appearing about a week apart from each other. Luckily this is summer in the North Atlantic and they still lack a whole lot of force in comparison with their bigger sisters during winter.

Yachts in Horta. This time of year there is plenty of them around, most waiting to slip lines and sail back to Europe

We are encouraging every crew member to join in on all aspects of running the boat. Those who have been onboard since the Caribbean can also help any newcomers to get into the loop. The last tricky bit will be navigating in the English channel. Traffic criss crossing this narrow waterway is a challenge and will open new dimensions for look outs and crew attending radar and AIS watch.

You are welcome to arrive at the boat the 28.5, that should give you a few days to get acclimatised to the island, boat and crew. Our intention is to leave the 31.5 and we have allocated 14 days for the trip to Cherbourg, which should be enough for the 1400 miles to go and the possible wait for a weather window. The latest date for arrival is thus scheduled for 13.6 but in reality we will probably arrive earlier .. which will give us a few days off at our destination to check out the excellent fish market and have a nice farewell dinner at the boat.

We charge a sailing fee of 2400 € for this trip including:

  • Boat and skipper (Mate/Cook)
  • Full board while at sea
  • Personal safety gear
  • Foulies (except boots)
  • All costs for boat as insurance, fuel, gas, mooring fees
  • Bedding, towels

Price does not include:

  • Flights to and from destination
  • Everything you spend ashore
  • Travel insurance (for the duration)


The cosy nav station in the evening

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