RORC Baltic Sea Race 2022

21.7 2022 — 1550€

The RORC Baltic Sea Race is the new kid on the block.. but already potent to become a classic. The strong brand of RORC introduces the classic concept of a full bred offshore 600 mile race course with all bells and whistles. Is there a better place to do it but the Baltic? With all the wonderful islands and natural boundaries? It feels as the ultimate place for a long offshore race.

With 4 transatlantic races, 4 Swan European Regattas, 2 Antigua Sailing weeks and numerous starts in different venues around Europe, The Mediterranean and Caribbean we definitely have gotten into the taste for high end racing venues. With the upcoming Ocean Globe Race 2023 we need every opportunity to test the boat. This is a perfect chance to get in the mindset of some of the crew on the upcoming “retro Whitbread”. Maybe you can impress them and get a ticket round the world!

The race starts on 21 of July and with 600 miles one should allow at least five days for the campaign. The starting and returning point is Helsinki.

You can join us for two non compulsory training days (19 and 20.7). The preparatory training is scheduled to afternoons until 18.00.

Join us for a fantastic campaign!

Sailing fee includes:

– Boat and crew
– Foulies and life jacket (no boots)
– All food and beverages
– Racing fee
– Boat costs
– Bedding

Not included

– Travel to and from destination
– Personal insurance

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