Adventure Sailing Trondheim – Cherbourg

10 days 2.9 - 11.9 — 1800€

In late August it’s time to leave the North, let the wind take us and follow the migrating birds.

This two week trip is offering some inspiring sightseeing, a few longer offshore passages, an interesting mix of coolness and solitude, transforming later on, into continental buzz and fancy bistro culture.

Our Baltic 58 offers a fantastic opportunity to sail a pedigree boat with comfort and style. The way this boat behaves and looks is just stunning.

How does places like “Haugesund”, Sundalsöra Fjord, Ljuse Fjord sound? These unique places is part of, what National Geographic characterized as, “one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world”. It’s not hard to believe seeing these majestic fjords surrounded by steep mountains and deep water. The trip will take us through some of the Norwegian Fjord system.

After leaving the Norwegian coast we head out on the North Sea, on an open water passage to the European continent. This part of the trip is proper offshore sailing with watches and drills, involving the whole crew in running the boat. Landfall could happen in Ijmuiden (Amsterdam), Scheveningen (Den Haag) or maybe even Oostende (Belgium). These seaside cities and towns offer a variety of culinary treats as well as interesting scenery and onshore activities.

Our final destination is Cherbourg, with excellent services and easy access to air travel through comfortable transport options from location to airports.

This trip is perfect for someone looking for an own project or boat to run. The skipper and mate are happy to share their experiences and knowledge of offshore sailing and yachts. We are used to sail training through our Sailing Academy programs and ready to give you a hands on tutorial in boat handling, make you comfortable with navigation and safety.

Price for trip includes:

– Baltic 58 Ice Bear + two crew
– All meals and beverages when at sea
– Personal safety gear
– Bedding and towels
– All costs for boat (fuel, Mooring, Gas etc)
– Boat insurance (no deposit)

Not included:

– Travel to and from location
– Personal travel insurance covering sail adventures (check your policy)
– What you spend ashore

Baltic 58 Ice Bear

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