Ocean Globe Race 2023

What is the OGR?

In the organizers own words:

The OCEAN GLOBE RACE is a fully crewed retro race in the spirit of the 1973 Whitbread Round the World Race to mark the 50th Anniversary of the original event.  It’s an eight-month adventure around the world for ordinary sailors on normal yachts. Racing ocean-going GRP production yachts designed before 1988, there will be no computers, no satellites, no GPS, and no high-tech materials. Sextants, team spirit and raw determination alone in the great traditions of ocean racing are allowed on this truly human endeavor. These will be real heroes pushing each other to the limit and beyond – in a real race!

The Dream

After a lifetime of sailing oceans, racing, cruising and pushing boundaries, we finally have the opportunity to do a proper circumnavigation. And it’s not any circumnavigation, but a legendary race. A race that has been part of our sailing lives and dreams for as long as we can remember. A dream involving names and boats with a that certain shine around them, some of them already long gone, unapproachable and distant. “The golden years of sailing” has been practically impossible to experience. That is.. until now.

The Boat

When we first heard about the Ocean Globe Race we understood we had the right boat for the job. As a Nautor’s Swan “Eira” meets the requirements to race and she is a one of the most progressive models of her time. She was built with a slightly less deep V-bottom to her predecessors and surfs happily when the gust is up. As the race is going to be mostly in trade wind conditions, we are really pleased with our choice of boat.  After years of experience sailing her, numerous transatlantic trips, we know how to handle her in difficult conditions.

Her interior is the alternative one version, which makes her suitable for large crews, placed in proper sea berths. The dinette galley is perfect for preparing dinners in high seas. The clever layout, with plenty of grab rails, smart disposition of things and roomy saloon, adds up to a very competent and able blue water yacht.

“Eira” is one of the last boats “handmade” by Nautor. The quality is seen everywhere and when you start looking behind panels and floorboards the real nature of this boat reveal itself. The build of the hull, with its powerful matrix frame, stringers, bulkheads and structural components is most convincing and leaves no open questions about durability and strength. The standing rig, with its three forestays, thick rod and massive mast, feels very secure and capable. With a refit and some alterations, she is going to be the perfect yacht for the Ocean Globe Race.

The Project

The OGR around the world project has slowly been taking shape during the last year. The boat went through numerous upgrades during haul out season 2020 – 2021 and she has since been out testing equipment and solutions during our Atlantic Round Trip in 2021 – 2022. The bottom job and new sails have given her more boat speed and she has shown to be quicker than ever with some race wins and podium places to show for. We think we are taking her in the right direction and will continue to do so during a more extensive refit the upcoming winter 2022 – 2023.

The Crew

We now have a core crew together and encourage applications for more crew to join us. This is a project funded by the people sailing along, meaning everyone have to contribute to the project. It can come through sponsorship or as a private contribution, either way works. It’s not going to be cheap but on the other hand we are a non-profit organization and not looking for revenues. We are happy to assist you with possible talks to sponsors.

We are looking for people with heads and hearts in the right place. Sex, age or nationality is of minor concern. You are expected to be in a normal physical condition and we expect you to have done some racing as well as high seas sailing. Longer sea passages are a definite plus. If you have special skills as being a Doctor, Nurse, Electrician, Mechanic, Meteorologist, Navigator, Cook et cetera is highly regarded and might outweigh lack in sailing experience. As we are an international crew and the command language on the boat is English, you need to possess enough lingua to be able to communicate.

Feel free to send your CV as well as expectations and other details to our email: [email protected] and we will get back to you. If you are in need for a quick enquiry – press the “contact us” button.