Boat-Handling Course

16.5 2019 — 95€

This course is for people considering or owning yachts as a brush up or introduction to basic parking and manoeuvring skills. We will go through the proper use of rovers, fenders, spring lines to useful knots and ways to tie up a yacht under different conditions and moorings.
You will have the possibility to go through the practical side of parking under the supervision of a professional.
We also discuss different ropes, the right size of fenders as well as crew positioning and short hand parking.
If time allows we will also do other manoeuvres pre parking and the strategies and preparations of approaching dockside as well as other useful practical tips.
This course is a four-hour package with a high degree of “hands on tutorial”.


Welcome next year!

  • Meet us at Valkosaari ferry at 16.00
  • Drills and manoeuvres
  • Final closure at 19.00

Price pp 95€ – refreshments included.

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