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Our “On The Horizon” page gives a sneak peek in upcoming events. In our busy times we might sometimes have to be able to plan vacations in advance. At an early stage you can even influence the actual events together with us. If you are a potent co-operator with ideas, we are open for suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


The big event for 2019 will be a longer sailing adventure to Norway. The trip will take us from Finland via all the sweet spots in the Baltic, Kattegatt, Skagerack and the North Sea all the way to Bergen. The journey will take seven weeks and will be divided into one-week legs. What this basically means is that you can hop on or off once a week. You can also stay weeks in a row or fly home and then return later for some other particular leg that interests you. The hop on and off system is taking in consideration where Norwegian Air has its destinations during summer time.
This arrangement will allow every participant low fare flight tickets to most destinations.
Every leg will have it’s own distinguished program depending on the sailing area. We will also have a strong relation to social media during the trip and you will be able to win competitions of different kind along the way. People following us at SoMe will function as jury and decide who will be the winner(s) for every competition.

The preliminary sailing itinerary is as follows:

Week one (8.6 – 15.6 2019)
Helsinki – Gotska Sandön – Fårö – Visby – Kalmar 367 nm
Week two (15.6 – 22.6 2019)
Kalmar – Christiansö – Rönne – Ystad – Copenhagen 209 nm
Week three (22.6 – 29.6 2019)
Copenhagen – Halmstad – Marstrand – Kristiansand 256 nm
Week four (29.6 – 6.7 2019)
Kristiansand – Stavanger – Bergen 246 nm
Week five (6.7 – 13.7 2019)
Bergen – Stavanger – Kristiansand – Gothenburg 363 nm
Week six (13.7 – 20.7 2019)
Gothenburg – Copenhagen – (Rönne) – Kalmar 326 nm
Week seven (20.7 – 27.7 2019)
Kalmar – Visby – Fårö – Hanko – Helsinki 368 nm

Each week will probably present some more stopovers (especially in Norway where we are aiming at doing as many as possible) and the itinerary is only highlighting the most obvious ones along the way.
All in all we will visit four different countries and sail more than 2200 nautical miles through the most beautiful parts of the Nordic countries!
The price for one week will be around 950€ a bunk. If you want a whole cabin for yourself (own cabin with two bunks) the price will simply be 1900€ and allow for premium privacy or a crib for you and your friend to share. We also have a double in the back for couples. Let us know how you like to have it!
All questions and pre-bookings can be directed to our contact section.
Join us for the highlight of the sailing year!

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