Events for Groups

Events for groups and companies

We offer three different packages for groups, a BasicRacing and a Team Strategy Challenge package.

Basic Package

The basic package offers a half or full day out sailing with the extras of your choice. We have lunch packages, saunas, private cabinets for breakfast meetings before our day out, tour guides to some of our interesting fortress islands like Suomenlinna or Vallisaari to make everything even more interesting. The waterborne part can introduce you to sailing techniques or maybe a cheerful sailing competition?

Our homeport, the beautiful islands of Blekholmen, with its dashing villa and restaurant in the middle of the South Harbour, offers a perfect backdrop or setting for high end event. Blekholmen is the default pick up and drop off port but that could easily change at request.

Price for half day (4h) 1200€ (Excl. VAT)
Price for whole day (8h) 1900€ (Excl. VAT)

Price includes:
  • Boat (Swan 51 “Eira”)
  • Skipper
  • Insurance
  • Beverages, snacks
  • Personal safety gear
  • Hands on sailing tutorial
  • Foul weather gear for all
Ask for extras like
  • Lunch packages
  • Sauna
  • Breakfast meetings
  • Tour Guide
  • Dinners

For more information and availability please send us an enquiry via our “contact” section.

“The Swan 51 Challenge Package”

The Swan 51 Challenge is a “kick ass event” that will challenge all participants and expose the functionality between members of your community.

Sailing, especially competitive yacht racing requires effective planning, leadership and teamwork. The end result will be that all crew are working in harmony towards executing safe and efficient manoeuvring of the boat to meet an agreed objective. Communication and an appreciation and interdependence within the team are vital elements for success. Therefore a sailing excursion, or in this case, race, is an effective and thrilling way to work on the development of these skills and attributes in your organisation. It’s also worth noting that even a small level of competition can drive individual, or team, motivation to a whole new level!

Challenge your opponents to an all out duel on the water that will see no prisoners!

Ask for details and availability via our “contact” section.
Download the flyer as pdf.

Strategy Challenge

This fun and engaging programme is configured to meet the unique outcomes of your business. Developed over twenty-years, with business excellence at the core, this programme has helped numerous companies deliver tangible results to their bottom line.

Facilitator Adam Tuffnell

Designed with business profitability and productivity in mind, this excellent programme delivers valuable lessons for immediate in-office use. It is proven in: increasing team synergy, supporting existing training frameworks, leadership training, developing working relationships and selecting fast-track management candidates.

For more information please send us a message via our “contact” section.
Download the flyer as pdf.

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